Things to Do in Buffalo


There are a variety of places to eat within 5 mi
les of campus. Some famous western New York (WNY) places nearby include: Ted's Hot Dogs, Anderson's Custard (famous for their roast beef), and Duff's (famous for their chicken wings).

For other options nearby, try a yelp search!

Regional Attractions

The Niagara Falls Sta
te Park is approximately a 20 minute drive North of campus.

For information directions and parking information, you can visit the state park website.

For information about things to do in Niagara Falls, see the Niagara USA tourism website.

Some neighborhoods worth seeing while in the city of Buffalo, include the historic Delaware Park (home of the Buffalo Zoo); for shops and restaurants try either
Elmwood Village or Allentown; Downtown (more for nightlife), and Canalside. All approximately within a 20 minute drive from campus.


Things to Do Near Campus

Lasertron is a laser tag/recreation center about 5 minutes from campus. They also have Go-Karts, Mini Golf and an arcade.

Similarly, there is also a Dave & Buster's, approximately 10 minutes from campus.

Movie Theaters
AMC Maple Ridge 8
Regal Cinemas Walden Galleria 16 and RPX
Regal Cinemas Transit Center 18 & IMAX

Ice Skating
Northtown Center

Boulevard Mall
Eastern Hills Mall
Walden Galleria