Mohamed Ateia Ibrahim, PhD

Keynote speaker- 24th of May, 2024

Dr. Mohamed Ateia is a notable environmental engineer and group leader at the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), specializing in emerging water contaminants. he has a multidisciplinary research background with hands-on experience in environmental engineering, materials chemistry, and agricultural engineering. he finished his undergraduate school at Alexandria University, Egypt, followed by postgraduate studies in Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan and the University of Copenhagen, Denmark. Then, he completed a postdoctoral training at Clemson University, and worked as a Research Associate at the Department of Chemistry at Northwestern University. 

 He is recognized for his expertise in nanotechnology, water treatment, and sustainability. Dr. Ateia holds a Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering and has published numerous scientific papers, contributing significantly to the field. His work at the EPA involves innovative research and development to tackle challenging environmental issues, particularly in water quality and safety. As a keynote speaker, Dr. Ateia brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in environmental engineering and a strong commitment to addressing critical environmental challenges. For more detailed information, you can visit his website here.